Your Best Shot: Brain Power

Since 2006 NCAA D1 powerhouses started to adapt the Basketball IntelliGym®. Universities such as Florida, Memphis, Kansas, Iowa, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, and others adopted the Basketball IntelliGym® as part of their training regimen. The spectacular results during March Madness gave players and coaches something to celebrate.

Basketball was actually ACE’s first foray into the sports arena.
In order to develop a basketball cognitive training tool, our researchers mapped the brain skills that are required for top performance in the game of basketball. These include (among others) reading plays, positioning, decision making, team work, and execution under pressure. Together, they constitute what is usually referred to as game intelligence. With this map in hand, the researchers designed a system that simulates the exact same skill set. Although the players are merely performing with a keyboard in front of a monitor, if you screen the trainees' minds during this brain workout, you’ll find that the skills (or the “brain muscles”) that are working are exactly those that are required during a real basketball game.


The Ultimate Assist

All of this hard science has produced a fairly easy-to-use product for ascending players and their coaches, completely redefining the term “circuit training.”
Each player installs his or her own copy of the Basketball IntelliGym® on the home computer. Once the program is launched, the 'game' instructions are presented. The player is asked to operate his 'arsenal' in order to maximize the performance of his 'fleet'. For best results, the players are advised to practice 1-3 training sessions a week of approximately 30 minutes per session.
The Basketball IntelliGym's cognitive simulation of the game - in real time – entails no storyboard and no fantasy graphics. The goal is to integrate the details of the game into a player's barest attention, until anticipating plays and making decisions become deeply rooted instinct. Game intelligence actually becomes ingrained. Most importantly, the program is individually tailored to each player's strengths and weaknesses, tracking progress and adapting to new level of play as the player grows a basketball brain. In most cases, by the time the player has completed 8-10 training sessions, the results are clearly seen on the court.

"The Basketball IntelliGym is revolutionary and any coach that will look at it will recognize immediately what it can do for his players…I wouldn’t be surprised if five years from now every college and pro team in the U.S. will have the IntelliGym Trainer as an integral component of its training system."

Jim Calhoun, UConn Head Coach